Manuel Yazijian, CMW21 (Certified Master Watchmaker, 21st Century)

Watchmaking Instructor serving the After Sales Service market
There are a great number of people willing to go to the next step and learn the fine art of watch repair in the presence of a real live instructor. Even though there are those who are content with book learning, Video/DVD learning and such, ultimately it remains that the fine art of watch repair is traditionally learned while in the presence of a master watchmaker. As a 21st Century Certified Master Watchmaker CMW21™, I offer all levels of courses to aspiring watchmakers.

Q. Why should I employ the services of a private tutor?

A. Private tutoring is suitable for you if:
  • You have taken an online course and have the interest to pursue it further, however you need to be filled in on all the "missing" details. Details which are normally not written in books, DVD's etc.
  • You are preparing for exams and for reasons listed below, cannot travel to far away destinations to attend a course.
  • English is not your first language and you prefer to learn with a private tutor who can communicate with you at your level.
  • You are not comfortable in large group settings and you prefer the one-on-one interaction and confidence which exists between student and tutor.
  • You cannot travel to Switzerland for any period of time to attend school.
  • You cannot attend a longer program in the USA. 
If you feel you belong in the above group, feel free to contact me

Should you wish to learn in a large group setting in Harrison, Ohio, you may sign up for courses at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute at