Manuel Yazijian, CMW21 (Certified Master Watchmaker, 21st Century)

Watchmaking Instructor serving the After Sales Service market
Spare Parts Issue

e need for genuine spare parts is crucial to those engaged in the after sales service sector to repair watches in the proper manner as recommended by manufacturers.

Clicking on the thumbnail images above will download a PDF file showing a general overview of the Sales & After Sales Service of the Watch Industry. The diagrams and various flowcharts shows the important role spare parts plays in our industry.

We support watch companies with favorable spare parts supply policies to qualified and certified watchm
akers.  Companies with a favorable spare parts policy for repair service promotes expediency of repairs, promotes competition, holds down repair costs and is good for the watch consumer.

As a client, it is beneficial to know which brand you should buy when making an investment. While it is important for your watch to be properly serviced as per manufacturer's recommendations, it is equally important to have the option of a second opinion and therefore a second price. This is one of the main fundamentals of a competitive market.

Brands which have a favorable spare parts policy to Certified Watchmakers are as follows:
  • Omega
  • Rolex
  • Tissot
  • Tudor
It is considered a safe investment when buying the watch names mentioned above.