Manuel Yazijian, CMW21 (Certified Master Watchmaker, 21st Century)

Watchmaking Instructor serving the After Sales Service market
     Some of the challenges facing the After Sales Service sector

After Sales Service is the English equivalent to what is commonly referred to in Swiss Watchmaking companies as S.A.V. (Service Apr├Ęs Vente). As the title suggests, this sector specifically engages in the care of watches after they have have been sold and thus exited the confines of the watch manufacture.

What most end users (wearer of the watch) attribute to as a "repair" or "cleaning", is "slightly" more than meets the eye. In a nutshell, the aim is to render the timepiece to as close as a condition as the day it left the factory.

To this end, the individual who services
your watch must keep in mind to work in such a method that your prized possession will not be any worse off than when you entrusted them with it.

In order to do this, the highly skilled professional (e.g. CW21 or CMW21) combines a variety of skills and knowledge all in one person. While it takes numerous individuals'  highly refined skills to create a watch in a factory setting; the professional watchmaker CW21 & CMW21 in the field, must also possess these same skills to diagnose, carefully disassemble (if needed), effect the necessary repairs and render your watch back to as close as factory condition as possible.

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will give you a better idea of the challenges facing the After Sales Service sector. (movement section only)


I hope the next time you ask "can you clean my watch?" you would have a better idea of the steps needed to render your watch functional to factory standards again.

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